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Sky Pies: on a bed of grass

Experience the Virtual Kitchen in a new way!

"There are now millions of people who spend more time watching food being cooked on television than they spend actually cooking it themselves." - Michael Pollan, critical food author

In a future where we outsource all of our food production, home cooking has become a hobby instead of a necessity. Similar to sewing one's own clothing or having a vegetable garden. What would we miss if we didn’t cook anymore? Would we still have kitchens? What would they look like?

This VR game is created as a new way of cooking, without real-life food as a result. It transforms the act of cooking into an adventurous and physical gaming experience. Players use the standard controllers with specially designed utensil add-ons. These can be used to harvest items from the virtual foodscapes and create fictional “meals”.

Perform different actions with the 4 unique utensils

Immerse yourself in the food worlds and feel like you're actually there

Explore different game modes and levels

watch the trailer below:

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